Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our full list of available presentations in Sequim

A list of classes that have been written and developed for presentation at The Center, Sequim or other, acceptable venues.  Legend: ID = in development
Fables and Flash Fiction Writing Workshops
Advanced search techniques and the hidden web
Back Room Management (for small businesses)
The Blogosphere- BLOGGING with BLOGGER
Digital Cameras and PowerPoint
The Digital Camera Workshop with hands on camera work (2 sessions)
Excel - advanced and overview
Front Page Web Page - making web pages
Googlesearch; basics
Mindmapping and Brainstorming: ver2 - mindmapping workshop (hands on making    maps and presentation overview with PPT) ID
Powerpoint - how to make the best of the tool
Scanners; How and Why, Special and Utilitarian Use
The 3D Show - 3 D photography - $1.00 chg. extra for 3D glasses
Gizmodom presentation - gadgets and gizmos
The Newbie Papers- Newbie overview for PC users
Finding Things on your computer with local tools
Training The Older Student  ID
Using The Digital Darkroom
Personal and Internet Security  ID
Poetry Workshop  ID
Creative Juijitsu; Creative Thinking and Problem Solving  ID
Podcasting and Audio for Marketing  ID
Buzz; Word of Mouth Marketing  ID
Expressive Drawing  ID

Watch the local newspapers for class announcements.